• What is the LumBar?

    The LumBar is a simple, yet revolutionary tool to improve lower back function.  It was designed by gifted architect John Cowder, who for half of his life, suffered from chronic back pain.  Don't be fooled by its simplicity.  The LumBar has been engineered to work quickly, simply and easily to relieve low back pain.  It's portable, lightweight, comfortable to use and constructed from durable aircraft aluminum.  It requires no straps, belts, batteries or adjustments.  It's practically indestructible.  It is covered in a durable, medium-density foam cushion with non-slip foam rubber hand grips.  It is 24" in length and weighs less than two pounds.  It is perfectly balanced and designed for a lifetime of use.

  • How does the LumBar work?

    The LumBar works as an exercise tool.  By positioning the LumBar at various body points while conducting a series of exercises, the pressure on the lower spine is relieved naturally.  This process is called dis-traction.  Pressure on the discs between the lower back vertebrae is relieved, therefore, the nerve endings which are in the areas of those discs are also relieved.  Decreased pressure results in better flow of blood and fluids to naturally start to heal the inflamed areas.

  • How long before it starts to work?

    For many people, relief is instant. Amazingly, the more you use the LumBar, the less you will eventually need to use the LumBar.  Regular use, 10 to 15 minutes a day has shown to reduce pain symptoms so effectively that you may eventually only need to use LumBar a few times a week or when symptoms flare up.  For many, the LumBar can be a cherished companion for lifetime of low back health.

  • Has it been clinically tested?

    The LumBar is currently in a long-term clinical trial.  The results of this trial thus far have been overwhelmingly positive.  Our best data is coming from current users who have all experienced relief at some level.  We are always happy to hear testimonials from our customers about the use of this safe and effective method to reduce and often eliminate lower back pain.

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